Thank you for using eCar. In this documentation, we will show you how to install and setup the basic demo for your website. This takes you only 5 minutes to have the website ready!


Please note that eCar is a child theme of eStar, so you must install eStar first. eStar is a free theme on which is developed by our company (under another brand GretaThemes). You can install it from the WordPress admin by going to Appearance Themes Add New and search for eStar. Then install and activate it.

To install eCar, please go to Appearance Themes Add New Upload Theme and upload the zip file that you receive when purchasing the theme. Then activate it.

We have written a very detailed guide on how to download and install a WordPress theme, please follow the instruction in that article if you need more details.


eCar required the free Auto Listings plugin, and optionally Auto Listings Pro. The Auto Listings Pro plugin allows you to add more functionality like adding dealers, comparing vehicles on your website.

If you don’t have the pro version, you can continue using the theme with the free Auto Listings plugin without problems. It just works.

Also note that, during the installation of eStar and eCar, you’re notified to install some plugins as follow:

  • Meta Box: required for page/listing settings
  • eRocket: optional, which is used for some extra widgets (like contact info and social links in the footer).

You need to install them as well to make the theme function properly.

Demo content

In case you want to quickly start with the theme, you can import the demo content.

First, please download the demo content, unzip it. Then go to Tools → Import to start importing the content.


Like we mention from the beginning, eCar is a child theme of eStar, which means you can follow the Setup steps of eStar’s documentation to start building your website. The documentation covers all things like setting up the layout, page templates, customizing fonts and colors.

Besides all the utilities that come with the parent theme, eCar also has some extra settings that you might concern.

Homepage Settings

To setup a homepage like the demo, you need to create a page and select the template Home and the content width Full Width as follow:

Then go to Appearance Customize Homepage Settings. You’ll see all homepage settings as follow:

eCar Homepage settings

The first thing you need to do is set the homepage displays a static page, and then select the page that you created in the previous step.

There are also 2 settings for the homepage:

  • Which post category to show up on the homepage. On the demo, it’s the Car Reviews section.
  • And you can setup your Call To Action which appears right above the footer.

Archive Listings

eCar archive listings settings

You will have an extra layout option for the Archive Listings page

Search Forms

eCar customizer Search Forms

There are two default pre-built search forms come with the theme: one for the homepage and one for the archive listings page. They’re automatically created when you activate the theme.

You’d have all your right to build and customize listing search forms with the mighty Auto Listings plugin, and then go to Customize > Search Forms, then select to get them showed up on your website. By default, the auto generated forms are chosen.

If you want to customize the search forms, go to Listings > Search Forms to customize them. You have full control of the output HTML of the form. We also have shortcodes for you to insert into the form.

If anything goes wrong with or without reason, please let us know.