Extension: Frontend


Before installing the extension, you need to install Auto Listings plugin first.

  1. Go to Plugins → Add New and search for Auto Listings
  2. Click Install Now button to install the plugin
  3. After installing, click Activate Plugin to activate the plugin

The extension is just a WordPress plugin, you can install it like a normal WordPress plugin.

  1. Go to Plugins, click Add new, then click Upload plugin.
  2. Choose the .zip file you downloaded and click Install now
  3. After finishing upload, click Activate to finish.


1. Create Dashboard page, Checkout page and Submit Listings page:

Go to Listings->Settings, click Frontend tab then select the pages. We have already created these pages for you, but you can choose whatever pages you want.

Enter your PayPal credential for the checkout process.

2. Dashboard:

Here we will have a form for the users to log in, register their account or send forgot password request.
And when you log in:

2. Create new Package:

After login, the user will have to buy a new package to submit their listing. To create a new package, go to Autolistings->Packages, then create a new one. You can set the price and the maximum number of listings for this package.

3. Checkout:

Here is the form for buying a package:

Your payments will be listed in the Autolistings->Payments.

4. Submit Listings:

When the user has a successful payment, they can submit their listings. Here is the submit listings form:

The fields in this form are mostly the same as the form when you create new listing.

After submitting, the user can check their listings and their package in the dashboard