The Advanced Search has undergone a facelift in Version 1.1.3 and now contains a lot more options to customize the Search Box.

The new “layout” attribute will remove a lot of styling on the search box and provide a simple list of dropdowns with minimal formatting.

We have added the year, make and model fields to the search box now also. To go along with these new fields, you can now exclude any field from displaying in the search box by using the “exclude” attribute as shown below.

Show the Advanced Search box

Place the below shortcode wherever you would like a search box. This will display the default search box.


To customize the display of the search box, you need to add attributes to the shortcode.

Available Attributes

  • placeholder – text to display as the placeholder text in the text input. Default is “State, Zip, Town”
  • submit_btn – text to display on the search button. Default is “Find My Car”
  • refine_text – text to display on the refinements link. Default is “More Refinements”
  • style – 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • layout – either leave blank or “standard”.
  • exclude – a comma separated list of fields that you don’t want to display. The fields are year, make, model, condition, prices, min_price, max_price, area, refine, body_type, odometer

View a live example of the search shortcode.